Pact No. 1

Released Spring 2015

A masterful union of well-bred bourbons. The first, a spicy bourbon with a mash bill favoring rye, barrel aged for a subtle woodiness. This, artfully braided with a smooth, but never soft, wheated bourbon of memorable curves. Finally, a more experienced, oaky bourbon with a rye-based mash. None overpowers the other, agreeing to co-exist in harmony.

Tasting Notes

Pact No. 1


Dark, golden amber in color.


Vanilla, spice. Peppery, with maple caramel and chocolate notes. Plenty of oak and an apricot finish.


Rich notes of vanilla and cocoa, smooth honey with notes of tobacco and orange.


Smooth, long and dry with a touch of spice and fruit.

Barrel Details

Number 3 char which equates to a 25 – 30 second burn resulting in a depth of about one sixteenth of an inch.