Pact No. 2

Released 2016

A masterful union of well-bred bourbons. One, a spirited bourbon with a decidedly rye mash bill, unmistakably oaky and strong. Two, a disarmingly-smooth, wheated bourbon to soften the edges, yet intensify the flavor. And three, a port-barrel finished rye for a velvety sweet goodbye. An arranged marriage of the rich, rare and unexpected, for you to have, hold and hide.

Tasting Notes

Pact No. 2


Dark, golden amber in color.


Toasted oak, caramel & maple syrup with vanilla, cocoa, tobacco leaf and dried fruits.


Slightly sweet & spicy with a velvety smooth finish.


Smooth, long and dry with a touch of spice and fruit.

Barrel Details

Number 3 char which equates to a 25-30 second burn resulting in a depth of about one sixteenth of an inch